10 Reasons Why 2023 Was The Year For Taylor Swift; She Caused An Earthquake In The World

Taylor Swift has actively been in the spotlight ever since she began her Eras Tour earlier this year. Swift has been on everyone’s minds and hearts this year for a plethora of reasons. Whether it’s her blossoming romance with NFL star player Travis Kelce or her resounding success with the Eras Tour movie, Swift’s had a beautiful year. She’s continued to rock the stage, delivering stellar performances. Furthermore, she’s gone above and beyond for her fans by singing in the rain. Regardless of the downs she’s had—her breakup with Joe Alwyn—Swift did rise like a phoenix and is continuing to be her authentic self. Take a look at the 10 ways this has been her year, as per the reports in the US Weekly.

1. The Eras Tour

Which die-hard Swift fan isn’t positively raving about the beloved and emanated Eras Tour? The very fact that it’s become such a talked-about topic throughout the year speaks volumes. Swift began the tour back in March with so much hope and excitement! The number of fans that showed up at the concert couldn’t possibly be measured! The grounds were filled with seas of loyal “Swifties”—Swift’s fandom—cheering and encouraging the singer. The tour has been an extraordinary experience and will perhaps continue to be remembered by fans for eons to come!

2. The Eras Tour Movie

Another topic fans have been gushing about is the release of her movie, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour. Perhaps people didn’t anticipate the film receiving so much hype, but you have to believe it was worth it! The film had everything from her emotional journey while performing, the process of composing songs, her behind-the-scenes from her performances, and more! It touched the hearts of every Swiftie out there. Moreover, the film was a big plus for her, as it generated a whopping $123.5 million globally in just the first week of its release! This is perhaps one of the best highlights of Swift’s financial record.

3. Travis Kelce

Swifties were crestfallen upon learning of her split from longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn earlier this year. But were quickly abuzz with delight when she sparked rumors of a blooming romance with Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce shortly after her split, reports People. Thus far, the two have had an adorable tryst, and things seem to be going well between them. They’ve been observed to be each other’s support systems, with Swift showing up at Kelce’s games and him being there at a few of her concerts. Speaking of concerts, fans were left in shock and awe when she was seen changing the lyrics of her song Karma: “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs.” In terms of romance, although it didn’t start great, so far it’s made for a great Love Story and has left her beaming with happiness.

4. NFL Appearances

Swift’s romance with Kelce, which wasn’t officially confirmed a few months ago, began to spread like wildfire, especially after her appearance at his games. The Haunted singer was initially seen with her boyfriend’s mother, Donna Kelce, cheering the Chiefs player on. Later, she showed up with her crew, including Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and others! Likewise, Swift has been an active supporter of her beau, which has had a positive impact on the NFL. As per CBS News sources, Kelce has improved by leaps and bounds since Swift showed up at his games in comparison to before. Nonetheless, it’s still been a year of impact for the Grammy winner.

5. She Caused an Earthquake

Swift is indeed a rockstar in the realm of pop culture, but who knew her fans’ love would one day result in a 2.3-magnitude earthquake?! Like, that’s beyond crazy in a good way! Swift has a gargantuan proportion of fans who’ve been loyal to her for a very long time. In July this year, CNN reported the news of a tremor from the Swift impact. Seismologist Jackie Caplan Auerbach claimed, “The shaking was twice as strong as the Beast Quake.” Another scientist, Mouse Reusch, clarified that the songs that prompted the response were two of her biggest hits to date: Shake It Off and Blank Space.

6. She Summoned a Plane Amid her Concert ‘Magically’

Many Swifties allege that she has ‘magical’ powers, as she’s often referred to as someone capable of doing witchcraft in her music, leading them to believe in the claims. However, can you imagine singing about a plane and it shows up out of thin air?! Well, that happened at one of her concerts in Argentina this year, in November. As per multiple sources, Swift was amid a piano rendition of her song Labyrinth from her 2022 album Midnights. Just as she sang, “I thought the plane was going down. You just turned it right around.” A plane was found to be descending right over Argentina’s Estadio River Plate. What a moment!

7. The Billionaire Club

It’s no surprise that the success of her endeavors this year would ultimately result in her becoming a billionaire at the end of it. Swift has poured her heart and soul into everything she’s done this year. It includes her tour and music, among other business ventures. Earlier this year, as reported by Bloomberg, Swift was officially recognized as a billionaire. At the time, her net worth was found to be $1.1 billion! She’s one of the very few musical talents to have earned such a status through the years. Again, a major highlight of hers for 2023.

8. Her Almost Endless List of Accolades

As emphasized earlier, Swift is a very successful musical prodigy, with hits from years ago dominating charts to date. Whether it’s a touching serenade of a love song or a gutwrenching breakup song, Swift can do it all. A reason why people might be so drawn to her is maybe because many of her songs aren’t just relatable but are bangers by themselves! This has resulted in the recognition of her work via a plethora of awards. She created Grammy history after becoming the first songwriter to secure seven nominations for Song of the Year for the songs from her Midnights album. Furthermore, she had a clean sweep of about nine awards at the 2023 MTV Music Video Awards.

9. Old Music, New Conversations

As some might be aware, Swift has been in the process of re-releasing her first six studio albums since her former label, Big Machine Records, sold them to Scooter Braun for about $300 Million. Although fans were allegedly bummed about the release of old songs, they weren’t in the least bit disappointed. Speak Now was one of the third of her releases that came out in July this year and it included six other songs From the Vault in addition to the 16 that exist in the aforementioned album. Likewise, these songs featured an even more vibrant version of Swift’s voice and sparked conversations about her past with former flames Taylor Lautner and Harry Styles.

10. The Queen of Easter Eggs

Apart from the music, the tours, and the glamour, Swift is known for dropping some major easter eggs about future music in some of her music videos. It appears that she’s truly honed the art, especially after her performance in March. As per multiple sources, the Out of the Woods singer has been donning ensembles on her tour in the aesthetic of her album. For instance, before the release of her albums: Speak Now and 1989, she sported pastel and vibrant hues, which were primarily pink, purple, and blue, respectively. Lately, she’s been sporting black and red, which could be signs of the release of her Reputation [Taylor’s Version] coming out soon as reported by Today! Regardless, 2023 has turned out to be an overall beautiful experience for Swift with many positives throughout. Hopefully, 2024 will bring her the same good luck and lovely experiences!